Estate Administration

We’ll walk you through the entire administration process

When a loved one dies, ownership of their assets immediately transfers to someone else. If there is a will, the assets pass to the beneficiaries. Without a will, everything transfers to the heirs according to Texas law. Any debts or obligations left by the decedent have to be settled first before the assets can be distributed. Settling those debts and preparing to distribute the property is called “administering” the estate and the job carries heavy responsibilities.

Not every probate administration is complicated, but in many estates a dispute can arise in any number of ways. Is an asset community property or separate? Is the surviving spouse entitled to reimbursement for funds spent on the decedent's property? How should a provision in the will be interpreted? Did a family member take advantage of the decedent before death? We have years of experience handling just these types of disputes. Let us guide you.