The best attorney in a difficult situation

After the death of my mother, as the executor I had to find a good attorney to guide me through the difficult steps involved in ending a loved one's affairs, distribution of property, closing out finances, etc. I spoke with and read reviews of many attorneys that specialized in this service. I chose John Crane after reading some of his blogs, excellent reviews and speaking to him on the phone. Another important determining factor was that he charged a flat fee for everything involved. Most of the other lawyers charged hourly and were very evasive when trying to determine how many hours this might take to complete all the things required to take care of an estate. Many of their estimates started at the fee that John gave me and included a range of several thousand dollars beyond. John was extremely easy to work with, reassuring, and thorough. When we went to court so I could be appointed executor, the judge, the clerks and other court staff seemed to know him and like him (which always seems like a winning situation for the client) and court-related matters were handled quick and easy. His office has an electronic file system, so you are able to communicate through a secure website and can easily track progress and view documents as they become available. While the electronic communication worked very well for me, he also was available the times I chose to call him with questions. Losing my Mom was so difficult, I felt very lucky to have found John Crane as I had total confidence in him taking care of and giving good advice on all the relative legal issues. I strongly recommend John Crane as a very knowledgeable expert in his field that maintains a professional demeanor while being very empathetic to my loss.